June 30/30 Poetry Project with Tupelo Press!

Monica is writing 30 poems in 30 days with Tupelo Press in June! Want to help her? Donate to her fundraiser (she's trying to raise $350 for small press publishing) or send her poetry prompts via her Contact page! Any poems that come from prompts Monica receives will be dedicated to the submitter and published on Tupelo Press' website! Get involve


Monica's newest chapbook Letters from the Other Woman launched at AWP18 in Tampa on March 7! Published by Grey Book Press, this collection works through the complications of infidelity, depression, and remorse. Pick up your copy at Grey Book Press, or request a signed copy from Monica by contacting her on the Contact page!



Subterranean Blue Poetry: "Maine, or How to Leave Your Lover for Good," Summer/Fall 2018

The Same: "Black Girl Magic: Origin Story," Summer 2018

Featured Now!

Spire Light: A Journal of Creative Expression: "Chez N'Diaye: Fatou," "The Apranti," and "Letter to the Mother of a Suicidal Teenager," April 2018

The Ibis Head Review:Volume 3, Issue 1: "My Mother's Bedroom," "Carefully Cultivated," and "Releasing the Slave," March 2018

Texas's Best Emerging Poets by Z Publishing: "Loss as a Canyon," September 2017

The Shade Journal: Issue 2: "Condition of the Mother," April 2017

The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society: Volume 3, Issue 1: "In My Blood," January 2016

The Sula Collective: Issue 4: "February 21, 1965" (November 2015), "Supplication" (December 2015), "Unsolicited Advice to Black Girls Who Can't Remember What Their Faces Look Like" (December 2015), "Rest Area No. 52 in Morgan County, Georgia" (February 2016)

Survival Techniques, Fall 2013

Creative Nonfiction


Featured Now! 

HerStory: Modern Love Edition: "How to Survive a Breakup: Stop Taking Your Pills," February 2018

Round Up Magazine: "High Heels & Fresh Air," January 2018

MadCap Review: Issue 7: "Guide to Meeting the Woman Your Lover Is Fucking," January 2018

Fourth & Sycamore: "How to Survive a Breakup: Get a Houseplant," December 2017

TRACK//FOUR: Issue 4: "How to Survive a Breakup: Shave Your Head" and "How to Survive a Breakup: Sponsor a Child in Africa," July 2017

MadCap Review: Issue 5: "How to Survive a Breakup: Quit Smoking," January 2017

Thrillist Media Group, Sex & Dating Vertical: "What I Learned from 5 Years as a 'Vagina Monologues' Actor," April 2016

MadCap Review: Issue 3: "Seasonal," July 2015

Agnes Scott College 43rd Annual Writers' Festival Magazine: "Rules for the Wingwoman," Winter 2014

The McNair Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies: "Confessions in Living Color(ed): The Creation of a Choreopoem, Phase One of Honors Project," Summer 2011

The McNair Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies: "God Don' Like Ugly: The Presence of God in the Literature of Paule Marshall," Summer 2010

Book Reviews and Culture Rants

Culture Rants Featured Now!

Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly: Issue 13: "How Do You Say That Word?: Choreopoems and Cultural Relevance," May 2018 

Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly: Issue 9: "To Be a Real Writer: Privileged Writing Advice," May 2017

Book Reviews Featured Now!

Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly: Motherhood as Existence in All We Can Hold: Poems of Motherhood edited by Elise Gregory, Emily Gwinn, Kaleen McCandless, Kate Maude, and Laura Walker,” October 1, 2016

Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly: Trading Insults for Healing in The Dozen by Casey Rocheteau,” October 1, 2016

Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly: Hide and Seek from the Top of the ferrous wheel: Book Review for Natalie Sharp’s ferrous wheel," July 1, 2016 

Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly: Sipping Espresso with Pepper Girl: Book Review for Jonterri Gadson’s Pepper Girl,” July 1, 2016  

Aquarius Press: “The Revision of Black Americans in Quenton Baker’s This Glittering Republic,” November 1, 2016 

Aquarius Press: “Locating Home in Oneself in Roger Bonair-Agard’s Where Brooklyn At?,” October 15, 2016

Aquarius Press: “Instructions from Our Ancestors in Jacqueline Allen Trimble’s American Happiness,” September 30, 2016


The CutOut Theatre: Testify, directed and choreographed by Thea and Avery Wigglesworth, December 4, 5, 10, 11, 2015, Brooklyn, NY